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Why Relocate?

 There are many reasons to relocate a structure. When dealing with buildings of historical significance, the reason is preservation, however there can also be environmental benefits, and very strong commercial reasons for relocating a structure.

Relocating of existing structures within a development site can reduce land acquisition cost, and alleviate conflict due to controversial demolitions. A dwelling may be relocated to allow a piece of land to be subdivided, or to allow for better utilisation of existing space.

Raising and/or relocation of a building can significantly improve its value. Imagine being able to lift your house to improve the view and make room for a garage or extra living areas below. This can improve the value of the house well beyond the cost of the raising and/or relocation of the building.

Prime residential land, such as waterfront land, often outstrips the value of the structure on the land. Relocation of the existing structure enables better use of the original site whilst enabling the residual value of the building asset to be realised. This also applies for commercial sites.

Governments and major developers can also benefit from structural moving. Often large infrastructure projects such as road development or widening involves demolishing many homes along the transport route. Now these homes may be able to be moved further back on their existing block, or to an alternative site, with less cost and conflict then demolition.

Commercial applications also present themselves for structural moving. An office building may be lifted to provide extra parking space underneath, or display properties may be relocated to a new development site.

Overall, Structural moving provides developers, individuals and governments with a wide ranging, cost-effective alternative to building demolition. Please contact Mammoth Movers to discuss the many possibilities of building relocation.