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Plant & Equipment Moving

equipment relocationMammoth Movers has adopted modern compact equipment and techniques which provide increased flexibility when moving unconventionally large, or heavy equipment and ensure no stress is transferred to the transported structure.

Mammoth Movers equipment enables machinery to be moved in one piece, reducing disassembly and re-assembly costs, production downtime and testing and commissioning requirements.

Mammoth Movers' hydraulic dollies enable on route height adjustment for infrastructure clearance and minimised load heights, providing clearance under overhead lines and low slung bridges. Dollies can be used to transport any load, irrespective of shape and support requirements making them more practical for specialised moves.

The ability to rotate the dollie whilst under the load enables multidirectional transport direction and increased manoeuvrability in confined spaces (which can not be accessed by conventional equipment such as platform trailers and cranes). Furthermore, the modular dollie system enables the addition of more dollies to increase load bearing area for heavier loads and optimised placement for load distribution.

Mammoth Movers technology also enables the relocation of civil infrastructure such as bridges, trusses, large sluice gates etc.

Examples of specialised moves include:
- Trains and carriages;
- Large ships without purpose built trailers
- Large cranes;
- Airplanes;
- Silos and tanks;
- Bridges and large truss systems;
- Industrial equipment e.g. turbines, furnaces &vessels;
- Mining equipment.