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Sensitive De-construction and Salvage

Naracoorte Convent SalvageMammoth Movers is a firm believer that demolition of heritage or otherwise architectually or socially valuable buildings should be avoided wherever possible.  But we are realistic.  There are times where the relocation of a building is either impractical or impossible.  This may be due to time or cost or even relocation route restraints.

It is in this situation that Mammoth Movers is an advocate for sensitive demolition and salvage.  Whilst salvage does not provide the holistic preservation solution that relocation offers, it certainly is far more favourable than demolition to landfill.

An example of Mammoth Movers salvaging services was its recent deconstruction of the Naracoorte Convent.  When it became clear that the funds were not available for the relocation of the Convent, Mammoth Movers was engaged to demolish the building sensitively with all salvageable materials from doors and surrounds to floor boards and the hand chiselled stone, all being removed, sorted and packed away carefully for future use in a proposed quality residential house.