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Feature Projects

Laveter House

Mammoth Movers relocated Laveter House, a turn of the century Queen Anne Villa, to make way for the planned extension of an aged care facility.  The house weighed in at 119 tonne (including support steel) and included period features such as lathe and plaster walls and a fragile tiled roof.  The house incorporated three brick chimneys with offset back to back fireplaces.

Although relatively light, the relocation of Laveter House was complicated by a difficult relocation route through heritage gardens with significant slopes both across and down the route.  The relocation was successfully completed in approximately 5 weeks.

Refer to our video page for footage of the Laveter house move.

laveter house down hill run laveter house

Hornsby Signal Box

Mammoth Movers, was engaged by the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) to relocate the historically significant Hornsby Signal Box as part of an extensive upgrade to the Hornsby Rail Station.

Beginning its working life in 1928, the Hornsby Signal Box was one of the largest and most complex signal boxes of its time. Unfortunately, with the growth of the Hornsby Rail Station, it was impossible for the signal box to remain in its current position.

Without Mammoth Movers, the only other option would have been to demolish the building, and attempt to reconstruct it at the new site. With a building containing such fragile and complex equipment as the Hornsby Signal Box, this would have been a difficult and expensive exercise.

By utilising Mammoth Movers, the 320 tonne building was relocated with no risk to the structural integrity of the building, or to the machinery inside.  The project was recently recognised by Engineers Australia and was highly commended in the NSW Branches Industry Award final.

Refer to our video page for footage of the Hornsby move.

Hornsby Signal Box on the move Hornsby Signal Box once relocated

Echuca Whard Shed

The historic shed on the Echuca wharf, located on the beautiful River Murray, needed to be relocated to enable the rebuilding of the historic wharf under the shed.   The 24 x 9 m structure was relocated on 8 dollies despite its relative low weight.  This was required to maintain low wheel loads given the relatively low strength of the wharf due to its poor condition.

Echuca Wharf Shed wharf shed from river

Bordertown Wall - Tatiara Mural

The Bordertown community rallied together to preserve a local mural constructed by the local school children over 20 years ago.  The clay tile mural is attached to a single cavity concrete block wall which Mammoth Movers relocated in one piece.  The mural displays Bordertown's history and was in danger of demolition as part of the development of the local Civic centre.

Funding for the project was achieved through combined contributions by local community and businesses together with the Tatiara District Council.

Relocation of the Bordertown mural

Naracoorte Convent

The 107 year old Naracoorte Convent demonstrated the high standard of workmanship associated with the era.  Unfortunately located in the carpark of the local shopping centre, the building was threatened by the proposed expansion of the carpark to meet the needs of the community.  Recognised for its architectural, heritage and social significance the Convent was listed on the 2007 National Trust "Heritage at Risk" register.

When it first became aware of the issue, Mammoth Movers rallied with community groups, the local council and the developer to try and find a solution which would preserve the building.  Mammoth Movers offered to relocate the building at cost, the council offered an alternative site and the developer kicked in a percentage of the required funds.  Despite work on many fronts, including submissions for funding under the federal government's stimulus scheme; the gap in required and available funds was too great and the fate of the building was sealed.

When Mammoth Movers realised that demolition was imminent it tendered its services to take the building apart sensitively and to salvage as much of the building's character and materials as possible. 

For more information on this project go to our video page.

For more information on our "sensitive de-construction and salvaging" services visit de-construction/salvage

The Naracoorte Convent