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Cost, Safety and the Environment

Safety and the environmentThere are many cost, safety and environmental benefits to relocating a structure as opposed to demolition and reconstruction.

  • The cost of relocating an average sized brick home is approximately 60% of the cost of construction of a similar replacement home.
  • The cost of relocating an average sized stone home is approximately 35% of the cost of construction of a new stone home.
  • Relocating an average home can usually be achieved in less than a month, which is far less than the time taken to construct a new home.
  • Raising a masonry home and building underneath is more cost effective than building a new masonry storey above the existing building.
  • Moving extremely large or heavy pre-assembled equipment to a worksite can result in significant labour saving costs.
  • As the original building is not demolished, hazardous materials such as asbestos, arsenic and lead based paints are not exposed.
  • Moving instead of demolishing result in a significant reduction in landfill, with consequent environmental benefits.

Mammoth Movers works in line with current Australian acts, regulations and codes of practice. All designs and calculations are in accordance with relevant Australian standards. 

Our focus is on providing a competitive product and service without compromising on safety.

Although not our preference, Mammoth Movers also provides sensitve de-construction and salvages.  We offer this service for projects where there is no alternative to demolition.  We contract for this work on a very selective basis and in line with our desire to preserve heritage and the environment.