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Building Raising

 Mammoth Movers can raise your house to avoid flooding, to enable the building of a ground storey, or to take advantage of a sea view.

The raising of a house, can bring many benefits. Adding a cellar, installing a ground storey or extra car-parking, or improving the view can all add significant value to a home, well above the cost of the building raising.

Raising a structure and building underneath removes the need for dismantling and rebuilding the roof. It also removes the need to strengthen the existing building structure to support and extra storey. Raising a building does not interfere with the original structure of the house and provides a cost effective means to expand the usable area of your house.

Raising a commercial building enables the installation of car parking, or extra office space. It can also significantly increase the useable space in a warehouse.

Temporary raising of a home allows access for repair to damaged or settled foundations, or even the installation of a cellar.