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About Us

 Mammoth Movers is the first company in Australia to specialise in the moving of masonry structures, whether made of brick, stone or concrete. Until now, these structures could not be moved as a whole, and were left to demolition or dismantling. This has meant that in past years, buildings have been needlessly lost, including buildings of heritage significance.

Mammoth Movers provides a tailored relocation service, and can provide advice on any structural moving project you may be considering, be it saving a heritage building, moving heavy equipment, or raising and relocating a dwelling to improve its value. Our company’s international moving and engineering experience, combined with specialised modern equipment and techniques enable Mammoth Movers to move masonry buildings and undertake specialised equipment relocations.

Structural moving can be extremely cost effective, with the cost to move an average full brick house generally significantly less than new construction. Structural moving can also be significantly cheaper than dismantling and reconstruction of a structure.

Mammoth Movers is proud to have worked together with some of the top professional structural movers in the long established US  structural moving industry, including Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, Brownie Moving & Heavy Haulage Inc., Davis Construction House Movers Inc. and J.E. Oswalt & Sons Inc.

Mammoth Movers’ established relationship with these companies provides a direct conduit to over four generations of international structural moving, and is coupled with the worldwide structural moving network through our membership of the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM).

Mammoth Movers is fully insured for all works undertaken. We carry extensive public liability, contract works & plant, and professional indemnity insurance.  Each individual structure is also insured for the duration of the project.

The Hornsby Signal Box Move was one of four finalists in the infrastructure category for the Engineers Australia 2009 Engineers Excellence Awards, where it received a special commendation.